What does “sologamy” mean?

It is an English term which indicates the act of marrying oneself.
Although it has no legal value, and for that reason it is often mocked, this act has a profound spiritual value as it is a permanent commitment you make to yourself to give priority to love and self-care, searching above all in yourself the reasons for living a happy, profound and authentic life.

Is “sologamy” a rite of passage?

In the western world increasingly devoid of rituals and spirituality, the act of marrying oneself can be considered a rite of passage essential for the growth, identity and development of a person.

The marriage to oneself offers the opportunity to officially recognize one’s own value, one’s own authenticity, and can be celebrated as the beginning or end of a journey that leads to discovering, knowing, loving and taking care of oneself, to accomplish a process and live the change. A world full of love begins with a world full of love for oneself.

Does sologamy preclude marriage to another person?

Absolutely not. Marriage to oneself does not exclude other relationships which actually tend to become stronger and deeper. Feeling safe, independent and happy means being able to recognize genuine and satisfying relationships. As you can truly love someone else only when you know how to love yourself deeply.

 How is it celebrated?

The marriage to oneself can be organized as a real wedding, with a personalized ceremony, the dress, the guests, the reception or it can be an intimate and private moment with oneself in a place and with rituals that have a special meaning.
There are no rules, except those of one’s own heart.

My task will be to help you create a ceremony script that will reflect your self-love.